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Eye Clinic of Vero & Optical Boutique

Eye Clinic of Vero & Optical Boutique

You can now shop from the comfort of your home and try on eyeglasses virtually. Send us your wish list, we'll have your selection ready for you. Please note: the brands show their entire collections. We will not have every frame in stock but do have access to anything you may be interested in and can order it in for you prior to your visit.



There are several brands and many types of lenses that can be used to produce the best functioning eyeglasses. We use Shamir, Essilor, Zeiss, Hoya and have access to other brands available.

Lens types:

Eye Clinic of Vero & Optical Boutique
  • Progressive (many kinds - some better for cell phones and tablets, some for regular everyday use, some for avid readers)

  • Bifocal

  • Single Vision (reading, computer, distance)

  • Computer Progressive (made specifically for use at the computer)

  • Computer Bifocal (top part for arm's reach computer monitor and lower segment for normal close up reading)

  • Trifocals (rarely done any more)

  • Golf Segment (round bifocal segment on only 1 eye and set off to side for scoring only)


  • Photochromic (Transitions by Essilor)

  • Anti-reflective lenses (Crizal by Essilor or PureCoat by Zeiss)

  • Scratch resistant coating

  • Blue blocking for technology use

  • Tinted/Polarized Sunglass lenses

  • Mirrored sunglass lenses

Eye Clinic of Vero & Optical Boutique